Serge Gainsbourg considered popular music as a minor art compared to painting and sculpture. While record covers are true products of the pop culture, they sometimes borrowed to the fine arts. Numerous examples of sleeves are obvious imitations or reproductions of famous works of art, denoting either a genuine devotion or a deliberate attempt to gain artistic credit (or both). In return, some contemporary figures in the visual arts fairly understood the benefit in contributing, directly or not, to popular music, and thus reaching a much larger audience. How many rock fans discovered Andy Warhol with the famous Velvet Underground banana ? This website is about record covers and arts.

Music Artwork has been featured in an article entitled "50 Resources for Students Attending Online Liberal Arts Schools".

Hitchcock's Psycho

Alfred Hitchcock

Anthony Perkins in Psycho (1960)


Mental Vortex (1991)

Francis' action painting

Sam Francis

AN 8 -7 (JRFA #11228) (1963)

The Dave Brubeck Quartet

Time Changes (1964)

Crewdson's Dream House

Gregory Crewdson

Untitled from the Dreamhouse series (1998)

Yo La Tengo

And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out (2000)

Van Gogh's self-portrait

Vincent Van Gogh

Autoportrait (1889)

Ras Kass

Van Gogh (2001)

Killoffer's Doppelgänger

Patrice Killoffer

676 Apparitions de Killoffer (2002)


Rouge Sang



Tournée Rouge Sang (Paris Bercy Hexagone)


John Miller's beach views

John Miller

Porthkidney with Passing Yacht (unknown)

Chris Rea

King of the Beach (2000)

Kapoor's Memory

Anish Kapoor

Model for Memory (2008)

Vijay Iyer Trio

Historicity (2009)

Cole's Course of Empire

Thomas Cole

The Course of Empire: Destruction (1836)

Crime + the City Solution

The Bride Ship (1989)

Miró's people

Juan Miró

People at Night (1940)


Jazz at Massey Hall Volume One (1953)


Jazz at Massey Hall Volume Three (1953)


Jazz at Massey Hall - The 10-Inch LP Collection (1953/2015)

Edwards' Cleopatra

J. Gordon Edwards

Theda Bara in Cleopatra (1917)

The Lumineers

Cleopatra (2016)

Gursky's mayday

Andreas Gursky

Mayday V (2006)


Mayday Worldclub Compilation (2006)

German miniature


The Manesse Codex (1300-1340)


A Knight in London (2004)

Rizzi's city life

James Rizzi

Multiple Impressions of City Living (1978)

Tom Tom Club

Tom Tom Club


Tom Tom Club

Close to the Bone (1983)

Loach's Kes

Ken Loach

David Bradley in Kes (1969)


The Smiths Is Dead (1996)

Bilal's androids

Enki Bilal

La Femme Piège (Trilogie Nikopol) (1986)

Erik Truffaz & Murcof

Being Human Being (2012)

Uffington White Horse


Uffington White Horse (1400-600 BC)


English Settlement (1982)

Warhol's hands

Andy Warhol

Early Drawing (1950s)


Progressive Piano (1952)

McGinley's nude with animal

Ryan McGinley

India Coyote (2010)

Bat for Lashes

The Haunted Man (2012)

Modigliani's portrait

Amedeo Modigliani

Portrait de Jeanne Hébuterne (1919)

Book of Love

Modigliani (Lost in your Eyes) (1987)

David's oath of the Horatii

Jacques-Louis David

Le Serment des Horaces (1784)

Lone Wolf

The Devil and I (2010)

Méliès' Trip to the moon

Georges Méliès

Le Voyage dans la Lune (1902)


Live at the Savoy 03.01.81



Méliès (Música Inspirada En Los Filmes De George Méliès) (2012)


Le Voyage dans la Lune


Tuska's Shark Brodie

George Tuska

Shark Brodie

in Fight Comics n°13 (1940)


Sweet Dreams, Baby! (2011)